Johanna Hellborg

"I am the budhha who teases and pushes your mind to surpass yourself."



Johanna Hellborg


I find my energy when I let people improve their self-confidence. I will use my kindness, my sense of humour and my directness to follow you step by step towards your goal.








With more than 900 hours of coaching, I enjoy working with a varied group of people, here are a few examples : 

  • children and teenager wanting to feel better at school or release pressure when they are doing their favourite sport
  • adults looking to reach their fullest potential when playing golf or tennis or preparing a championship in any sport. 
  • horseback riders wanting to get rid of their fear
  • managers and CEO's aiming at lowering their stress level while keeping efficiency and competitiveness and also optimising their people management skills. 

I mentally train athletes of all levels, from amateur beginner to professional athletes preparing Worldcups or World championships. 

 I have 22 years of experience in business and management. My dynamic and systemic approach has helped me manage teams to up to 50 people.

Born in Switzerland with Swedish origins, I have lived in France since 1998. I have always worked in multicultural environments and in various industries such as the high-tech industry, support for unemployed workers, hotel industry or elite high education such as the world renowned business school INSEAD.

During my career, I have accompanied colleagues in their development and towards change.

I have trained people to speak confidently in public and excel in presentation skills. I have helped them grow in their career.



  • Masters in  work and organizational psychology, Neuchâtel University, Switzerland
  • Bachelor in psychology,  Lausanne University, Switzerland
  • Practitioner in Hypnosis and Ericksonian Therapies, AFNH, France
  • Co-Active Coach, CTI, France
  • Meditation, MBSR, France
  • Young Manager Programme, INSEAD, France
  • Diploma in Sport Management, IDHEAP, Suisse
  • Federal expert for the French Equestrian Federation
  • Member of SFPS, French Sport Psychology Association


  • 800 hours of coaching
  • 22 years of experience in business and management
  • Team management up to 50 people
  • Human Resources recruiting, selection and development
  • Public presentations
  • Team building and training
  • Foundation of a rugby school
  • Sport team management


Championnat de France

Competitive rider  for 15 years, it's while preparing my first French Championships in dressage, that I discovered the power of a good mental preparation. Tired of loosing all my potential during important events, I decided to work on my mental skills.

I contacted a specialist : Olivier Perrot, psychologist and president of the AFNH (French association of New Hypnosis) and I quickly recovered all my potential and even found new unknown resources.

That is when I became passionate about the power of the mind on one's performance. And this is when I won my first silver medal at the French Championships in amateur dressage (2nd level) in 2004 ! A few years later, in 2007,  I had the privilege to win another medal, this time in bronze, at the French Championships in amateur dressage (2nd level).



In September 2018, I started learning golf. An opportunity for me to practice, live, the mental techniques to optimize your learning curve. With the right mental training, one is able to learn faster and better at any age or physical fitness.


I am also an avid rugby fan and was a coach and teacher from 1995 to 1998.

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