Our Expertise


Mental Coaching

With tailormade sessions, you will be able to improve your performance, manage your stress during exams, stage performance or sports competitions.



Let your sports teams or your staff discover simple tools to improve their day to day life,  deal with important deadlines or events.



To escort your desired change or transformation, the co-active coaching method (CTI) will allow you to reach personal and professional development and fulfillment.


Our philosophy


Our goal is to bring you back to the basics and to happiness !

Passionate about sports, we help athletes in optimizing their performance during competitions and important events. In all our initiatives, we focus on  bringing back fun and happiness  to the center of your evolution. 

Our drive is positive energy when we work with staff speaking in public or artists performing on stage. You will feel encouraged by our care and kindness  during your personal or professional coaching.

Johanna Co-Active coach, with a sports management diploma, is also trained in hypnosis and meditation. She will use a variety of tools to customize your program to your needs. 

And, what if we had fun again !


Your result

L'impossible devient possible

With our help, you will discover new resources to improve your life.

Your sports results will improve, your mind will spur you to reach better scores and exceed your current physical limits.

You will feel better on stage and will fully convey your message and your emotions and just, show your talent.

You will be able to present your knowledge and skills during written and oral exams.

You will find strength and energy to trigger desired change in your personal and professional life.

You will soon be more productive while keeping your energy and  still enjoying yourself.


How does it work ?

  • Coaching  is done in a direct meeting, by phone or Skype. In general, for an efficient work, you enroll for a minimum of 6 sessions during 3 months. The sessions last 45 minutes.
  • Mental preparation,  we would need to meet in person for a few sessions, then follow-ups can be made by phone or Skype.
  • Business environment and conference, we establish together your needs and develop customized solutions.


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